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Work for others

Over the years FunderFinder has made various software applications for other non-profit organisations.

Directory of Social Change (DSC)

We developed the original trustfunding website for the DSC. We didn't have anything to do with the development of the current trustfunding website.

picture of CD-rom coverWe developed The CD-ROM Trusts Guide for them in 1999. This became The Grant-Making Trusts CD-ROM in 2001 and we have done a new version every year since then.

picture of CD-rom cover In the same vein we developed and maintain The CD-ROM UK Company Giving Guide.

Co-operatives UK

picture of CD-rom coverWe created The Governance and Participation Development Toolkit for Co-operatives UK in 2003/4.

Social Enterprise Partnership (GB) Ltd

picture of CD-rom coverIn 2005 we made a CD-rom called Social Enterprise Learning and Training for the Social Enterprise Partnership.

South Yorkshire Funding Advice Bureau

picture of CD-rom coverIn 2006 we developed an application called SIFT - SYFAB Internet Funding Toolkit - for the South Yorkshire Funding Advice Bureau.

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