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This section contains news relevant to current users of FunderFinder software. In order to find out more about the software offered by FunderFinder, please see the Our software section of the site.

  • To see the latest code changes, Click here
  • The manual for the program can be downloaded from here.
  • If you would like to get your updates over the Internet, download this leaflet for full instructions.
  • Some of the leaflets are not displaying correctly in that there is a space between the headings on some documents, and not on others. You can add the space and save the document to correct this issue.
  • Most users will now get their updates automatically via the Internet. If you have opted to get your updates on CD, you will receive two updates per year, one in January, and one in July.

  • Some users are getting a message saying "Operation must use an updateable query" whilst running the program. This is a permissions issue. Users must have read, write and modify permissions to the funderfinder folder
  • Most users will now get their updates automatically via the Internet. If you have opted to get your updates on CD, you will receive one update per year, in September.
  • Where have the addresses gone?

    As from September 07, the details for any funder found in a PIN search are spread over three 'pages' rather than two. This makes more of the policy immediately visible on the first page. If you want to look at the contact details - address, website etc - then click on the arrow or the text at the bottom of the page where it says 'Address and contact details'.
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  • We are not doing any training for the forseeable future. We have now produced a set of training videos for the new version of GIN, more details here.

  • If you have a particular problem with any program, ring the support line on 0113-243-3008. But if you would like to give us some general feedback, click here.

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