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PIN - Software for individuals

One Online subscription

Online PIN is a service that is totally web-based. You don't install anything on a computer. If you have access to the Internet, you can access Online PIN. Any number of different people using the same username and password can access Online PIN at the same time.

This is why an organisation only needs one subscription to Online PIN at any given time.

If you want lots of different people or organisations to have access to your Online PIN, you may wish to consider having the Provider version. Here you can have two usernames and passwords - one set that allows you to manage your account (and change the second username and password) and one set you give out to your 'users' or members. Or you can allow your 'users' access through an intranet or link on a particular website, or access via known IP addresses or library card numbers.


Neither PIN nor Online PIN is available to anyone or any agency that charges people in need for the advice that they get.

PIN (the offline application) is only available for Windows 95 or above. It needs to be installed onto a hard disk.

Technical requirements for the offline version

To install the program you need to have a hard disk with at least 32Mb of free space on it, Windows 95 or higher, at least 32 Mb of RAM (64 Mb recommended) and (at least) a SVGA screen running (at least) at a resolution of 800x600 and a mouse or other pointing device. The program is supplied on CD ROM by default.

Updating the offline version

PIN is regularly updated throughout the year. Users with Internet access can have PIN check for new data and automatically download it to their computer whenever they use PIN. Or they can choose to download new data at a time convenient to them. Users installing PIN onto a computer which doesn't have Internet access can opt to receive an annual update CD.

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A FF Testimonial

"Funderfinder gives us the means to run projects that are changing people's lives for the better. Without Funderfinder we would spend all our time looking for money, rather than doing what we were set up to do.

Funderfinder makes running a social enterprise a lot easier."

Jason Martin, CAP Enterprise Consulting

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