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GIN - Software for Groups

GIN is available as a web-based application - Online GIN - and as software you install on a PC - the desktop or 'offline' version.

Whichever version you use, GIN makes grant-seeking by groups quicker and more accurate. GIN contains information on about 4,000 charitable trusts and foundations that give grants to organisations based in the UK (for work at home and abroad). GIN retrieves funders that match the search profile entered by the grant-seeker. At the end of a search, users see a list of funders ranked either in best match order or alphabetically.


GIN is regularly updated throughout the year. The online version automatically contains the latest data. If you have the desktop version, GIN can automatically download the latest date via the Internet. For those who prefer to get their updates on CD, we send out a 6 monthly update in the post.


To do a search you need to provide some basic information about your organisation and the funding you�re looking for. This allows GIN to exclude funders that

  • aren�t prepared to make grants to groups in your area
  • don't fund your type of organisation
  • make smaller grants than you�re looking for.

Then you retrieve funders that have certain interests. You tick as many terms as you want from lists of terms arranged in �trees� or select terms from an index. This means that you can ask to see funders that have said they are interested in very specific things (renewable energy for example) and/or those that have more general interests (such as sustainable environment or even just �the environment�).


Once you have chosen the terms you want to use in your search, GIN retrieves funders that have matching interests and ranks them. The trusts that appear at the top of the list tend to be those that match a lot of the terms you enter, are geographically close, and have more money to distribute.

For each trust found, GIN shows why a trust has been retrieved and provides links to websites where there is free information about the funder. If the funder doesn't have its own website, GIN provides information about the funder's policies and practices. For all funders, GIN provides an address and other contact details, and book references. Lists from different searches can be compared.

You can select all or some of the funders retrieved and then and print out or email the details. You can save your profiles. With the desktop version, you can save your results, save just the weblinks (and automatically attach them to an email if you wish), create a log for this search, and attach your own notes to your results.

Look up one funder, compare lists, look up by a term

Instead of doing a search you can look up the details of one funder by entering its charity number or its name or selecting it from a list. You can compare the results from two or three different searches. And you can look up all the funders that have been coded in to GIN as having a specific interest, regardless of their other criteria.

Disability friendly?

Neither the desktop nor the online version of GIN is as disability friendly as we would like. In order to make the hierarchical trees of terms work in a web environment, the pages in Online GIN have fixed dimensions and no scroll bars, making them less friendly to people with a visual impairment than some other web pages. If you have a visual impairment or use a screen reader and are thinking of buying GIN, contact us if you would like to discuss the matter further or 'try before you buy'.


GIN also contains a number of leaflets about funding and fund-raising. In the desktop version you can �personalise� these by adding your own organisation�s details and changing the text to suit local conditions. Local development agencies and others giving funding advice find the leaflets particularly useful. The documents provide both advice about how to do fundraising and information about sources of money.

Online GIN - standard and provider versions

Online GIN comes in two flavours. The standard version provides access via a username and password. Everyone that uses the username and password has access to everything. They can, for instance, change the password. The provider version has two different levels of access: one for the licencee and the other for 'members' - for instance library members or students at a university or branches of a network. Members can't see administrative details. Access for members can be by username and password, fixed IP addresses, a specified url or via a library card membership number.


FunderFinder has created a set of training videos for those using desktop GIN. They come on CDROM and can be played on any computer running Windows 95 or higher.

For more information

Alternatively, buy or order GIN now.


If you just want to know which trusts will fund your organisation...

Sorry, we don't do specific searches for people or groups. We supply software to organisations that do. What we suggest is:

  • Talk to a local advice agency. Many have a copy of our software. But even if they don't, they're likely to have a worker whose job is to advise groups about funding. Look in out leaflet Useful Agencies to find an appropriate organisation.
  • Take a look at other leaflets. They include fund-raising advice, a list of books you can consult, and notes about the main kinds of organisation that fund voluntary groups. View and print or save whatever you want.
  • Check out links to other useful places on the Web.
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facts and figures

GIN identifies charitable trusts that might fund your group. In the UK trusts and foundations give away about £2.1 billion to charities every year. Their money is about 10% of the whole income of the voluntary and community sector.

As well as charitable trusts, you might get money from:
starfundraising activities you organise yourselves
stargrants from the national lottery
stargrants from local or central government
stargrants from statutory agencies - health service, arts councils, housing corporation etc
starcontracts with government or statutory agencies
stargrants from companies
starincome from trading
star income from legacies

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