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Apply Yourselves

Apply Yourselves helps you write effective funding applications. Use it to draft a letter or proposal to funders. As you write, click on buttons and text to get advice about what should be included and what funders will expect to see. Look up jargon, use the examples for ideas, or print out the questionnaire to help you be self-critical. Or just use the checklists to make sure you haven't overlooked something.

Download it

Apply Yourselves is a Windows only software application. The application is free and can be downloaded from this link. Download the application to a convenient location, find the file using Windows Explorer or the tool of your choice and double-click on the file to run the installation of Apply Yourselves. For further information on how to install the program click here. To download a full version of the Tutorial in rich text format (*.rtf), click here (149 kB).

Current version : Version 2 Edition 3 (April 2003).

If you have an earlier version of Apply Yourselves, you don't need to uninstall the earlier version - just install this over the top. All saved applications will remain and they will work with the new version of the program.

Use it

Copyright for Apply Yourselves rests with FunderFinder Ltd.

You are welcome to do anything you like with Apply Yourselves as long as:

  • you don't charge anyone for the program or for material taken from the program
  • you don't alter the content of the program without our permission.

To amplify this last point: if you want to copy some of the textual material into (say) a word-processing package and use it as part of a leaflet or training material or whatever - no problem. You don't need to acknowledge where you got it from, you can cannibalise it, alter it, do whatever you like with it. If you want to give the actual computer program Apply Yourselves to your membership or groups you work with, no problem. Make as many copies as you like. Give it to whomever you like (and in turn they can pass it on to others).

What we ask you not to do without permission is change the text that comes up on the screen when the program is running (or indeed change the way the program works). If you want to make these sorts of changes, then get in touch.

Anyone can download the latest Apply Yourselves from our website at no cost. We will not normally send out Apply Yourselves disks free to anyone that asks - we can't afford it. If you are an "umbrella" body or a funder and you want us to provide you with a 'bulk order' of labelled Apply Yourselves and Budget Yourselves CDs for distribution to groups, we can do so at a cost of �1 per CD (the price includes postage and packaging). If you want your organisation's name on the surface of the CD along with FunderFinder's, we can arrange this.

While Apply Yourselves has undergone extensive testing, FunderFinder accepts no responsibility for any damage to you, other people or any computer systems or data from the use of Apply Yourselves. By downloading, installing, using or attempting to use Apply Yourselves, you are agreeing to hold FunderFinder harmless from any damage caused by Apply Yourselves, howsoever caused, whether to you or to a third party.

Known problems with the current installation

  • Every so often, when you open a saved document, it will appear as if all of the text has vanished. We recommend you close down the program, restart it and open the the saved document again. At the moment it is unclear as to why this is happening.
  • If you download the program from the website and you want to use the copy facility in the program to make a copy for someone else, you will be asked for your installation disk. To solve this problem, copy the file you originally downloaded into the same directory that Apply Yourselves is installed into. By default this is c:\apply
  • When pasting text into a section of the application, you may get an error message about a general protection fault. Again, it is unclear why this is happening but please let us know about this problem and in what situation it occurs if you experience it.

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