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FunderFinder annual report

FunderFinder's latest annual report is available as a PDF (Portable Document Format) document. If you are using a dial up connection, it will probably take about 10 minutes to download the report.

Click here to see the report.

If it doesn't open when you click on the link, read the advice about PDF readers below.

Alternatively, contact us if you would like a copy through the post.

PDF readers

There are a number of programs that you could use to read PDF documents.

The most popular is Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is freely downloadable from here. It's quite a large download. Alternatively, it is often located on computer magazine cover disks.

There is a much smaller PDF Reader, called FoxIt Reader, which is also freely downloadable - from

There are many other readers for PDF documents too.

Once you've downloaded and installed a PDF reader, click on the link and the annual report should open up in your reader.

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