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About us

FunderFinder is based in the United Kingdom. It is a registered charity number 1010573, and a company limited by guarantee number 2662629. It was established in 1991:

directly to promote and facilitate the more effective working of charities ... and charitable purposes by voluntary and community groups ... in particular ... through the provision of advice, education and training relating to the acquisition of appropriate funding for the pursuance of charitable purposes.

Over 1,000 users have licences for FunderFinder GIN; about half of active users have the program as a resource for other voluntary groups as well as for themselves.
There are currently about 1,300 sites using PIN.

FunderFinder's directors/trustees are currently:

  • Alison Baxter
  • Jane Leathley (Treasurer)
  • Janie Percy-Smith (Chair)
  • Margaret Thompson
  • Paul Ticher
  • Sue Tuffin
  • Martin Wainwright

all trustees act in a personal capacity and not as representatives of the organisations for which they happen to work

FunderFinder currently employs:

  • Liz Bee, Information Manager
  • Sue Carter, Administrator
  • Jo Habib, Director
  • Joseph Miller, Technical Support Manager

and regularly uses the freelance consultant:

  • Dr Jonathan Clements, Programmer

FunderFinder staff are always happy to discuss with any charitable trust or foundation the way their trust is coded into GIN or PIN.

FunderFinder's latest annual report gives more information about our activities, finances, aspirations etc.

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phone: 0113 243 3008, fax: 0113 243 2966, email:, 65 Raglan Road, Leeds, LS2 9DZ

© 2005-07 FunderFinder Ltd. Reg. Charity Number: 1010573 (also a company registered in England and Wales, limited by guarantee Number 2662629) - Unauthorised reproduction prohibited - Privacy Statement. VAT Number 642 6781 22

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